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Pasig Royale Mansion is a brilliant residential community developed by Cityland. The developers have incorporated several convenient and luxurious amenities and features in the property so that the residents can lead a life of utmost comfort and ease. 

Pasig Royale Mansion features a magnificent lounge area within the premises where the residents can anytime head for a drink and spend some relaxed time. This allows the residents to have a club like feel while still residing in their residential community. The ambiance of the lounge is extremely lavish and stunning.

Pasig Royale Mansion features function rooms for the convenience of the residents. These function rooms offer the capacity to hold a decent number of gathering so that parties of all sizes can be planned. This offering allows the residents to escape the hassles of location hunting when planning to host an event. Plus, hosting a party at your own residing location further makes the planning of things easier.

An administration office is also featured in Pasig Royale Mansion where all the various administrations of the property are looked after with precision. A viewing room is another special offering of the property where the residents can enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings and spend some peaceful quality time.

A study area for the kids of the property is incorporated in Pasig Royale Mansion so that the kids can enjoy studying in utmost peace. The kids can utilize this area as and when desired. A huge swimming pool also makes another luxurious offering of the property. This feature lets the residents enjoy the cool waters in summers without even stepping out of their home. Fun times can be enjoyed while still being at home. No requirement of visiting clubs or resorts is asked for in order to enjoy swim sessions.

Another brilliant offering of Pasig Royale Mansion is a large and stunning clubhouse. This place is used to host and enjoy various recreational activities by the residents. This allows the residents to spend quality time with their fellow neighbors so that a healthy and friendly community is maintained all throughout. 

An information counter is accommodated in Pasig Royale Mansion where all the queries and concerns of the residents are taken extreme care of. An attendant is all the time available at this counter so that the residents and their problems are taken care of at the earliest. 

A playground for the kids makes another essential inclusion of Pasig Royale Mansion where the kids of the property with their friends and siblings can head to for playing their favorite games. This allows the kids to be energetic and active and also keeps them away from being a gadget worm.

Security at Pasig Royale Mansion is given prime importance so that the residents and their belongings are kept firmly secured and protected. There are professional guards placed at the entrance and exit points of the property who 24x7 monitor the on-goings of Pasig Royale Mansion keeping the residents safe and sound. 

Concludingly, while investing in Pasig Royale Mansion you get to enjoy the best possible amenities which makes the property worthy of your hard earned investment.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Room
  • Administration Office
  • Viewing Room
  • Study Area
  • Lounge Area
  • Clubhouse
  • Information Counter
  • 24-7 Security
  • Playground
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